Academic Life

Student Follow-Up & Support

Students studying at SABIS®ULINK benefit from ongoing follow-up and support.  Everyone involved in the learning process works together to ensure that students are engaged and making the most of their school life. Through frequent assessments and monitoring systems, applications, and tools, SABIS® schools are able to zero in on issues and plan appropriate follow-up, which can include teacher- or student-led study groups, peer tutoring, support from the SLO, and more.

Examples of monitoring systems and applications used in SABIS® schools are:

SABIS® Digital Platform: A multi-purpose, one-stop platform where students access a wide range of learning and practice components, our parents receive important communications from school as well as see their children’s results, and our teachers monitor their students’ performance through real-time data.

SABIS® 360: A monitoring tool used by school administrators to analyze student results and automatically identify potential issues that can be zeroed in on and have appropriate follow-up actions planned to resolve them.

SABIS® Academic Monitoring System: Regular assessments that target specific concepts and are purposely designed to monitor student performance and detect learning gaps as soon as they form.

This highly effective approach provides a complete overview of individual progress to keep students, teachers, and parents informed at all times, as well as motivates and involves students in a dynamic and collaborative learning environment.

Learning Support

Learning support is an essential part of the SABIS® Educational System implemented at SABIS®ULINK.

Every student’s progress is monitored, and when learning gaps form, students, working together with their teachers and school administrators, can together focus their efforts on filling the gaps through additional support channels at the school. 

The support is offered through:

  • Teacher-Led Study Groups/Support Sessions: Study groups and support sessions led by a teacher that meet to review important concepts taught in class and any missed concepts.
  • Assigning Prefects & Group Leaders: Teachers may assign students important roles in the classroom that require them to be more responsible, attentive, and confident.

Support is also offered through the Academic Department of the SABIS® Student Life Organization (SLO) at SABIS®ULINK, which provides:

  • Peer Tutoring: Student-to-student tutoring sessions
  • Power Study Sessions: specialized groups that meet up to study for upcoming assessments together
  • Academic Games: Academically focused games that can make learning engaging and fun